Our online baby massage courses have been created to enable you to learn baby massage in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you and your baby.

Baby massage has many benefits such as assisting with development, providing relief from ailments such as colic and constipation and can also enhance the bond between you and your baby. 

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The course has been designed so that you can learn how to massage a new body part each week and recap the previous weeks strokes. This allows for a gradual introduction of baby massage and also helps to build your confidence in the strokes and theory knowledge.

In the course you will learn;

  • The benefits of Baby Massage

  • ​How to create the perfect environment to massage your baby

  • What oil to use and why

  • Contraindications- When to avoid massaging your baby

  • Different positions you can use when massaging

  • A new massage routine each week

You also have a knowledge library where you can learn about the fourth trimester, benefits of skin to skin as well as learning all about your babies internal systems that are stimulated during massage. 

You will have life time access to this course and will also receive a certificate upon completion.

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