Benefits of Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga and baby massage are very similar in that they share very similar benefits. Both assist with development & bonding, provide relief, and provide relaxation.

Baby yoga has additional such as strengthening muscles and joints, encourages flexibility and stimulates the senses. I have discussed these in detail below.


Baby Yoga stimulates vital systems helping them to function more efficiently. An example of this is the lymphatic system which when simplified helps to fight infection and protect from disease. 

Studies have shown that massage and yoga can help increase lymphatic flow in the body helping the body to process and expel toxins and waste product and therefore boosting the immune system.

Baby yoga also helps to stimulate the vestibular and proprioceptive system.

 The vestibular system is responsible for balance and movement in the body. Its role is to communicate with the brain to let it know the position of the body, this allows us to counter gravity, develop balance and controls eye and head movements. 
We can assist with the development of the vestibular system through baby yoga by using the movements, swings and dips to stimulate the system. The more your baby experiences different movements the better developed the vestibular system will be.

The Proprioceptive system is the awareness of the position of the body and its relation to its surroundings. When a baby is born they are completely unaware that they have arms and legs or any other parts of the body. 

Baby yoga can help with the development of the proprioceptive system by moving baby's body in a controlled way using yoga movements and exercises and helping the mind and body work together while allowing your little one to discover their abilities. 

Baby yoga also helps with the process of myelination which is the development of the of the myelin sheath surrounding the nerve fibers of the body. Myelination enables messages to be transmitted more effectively and at a greater speed helping with overall brain communication. This can help the nervous system to mature and cope with different stimuli.


Baby yoga provides relief from a number of conditions such as wind and colic. The movements in baby yoga compliment the movements in baby massage and the combination provides your baby's digestive system with a high degree of support. Yoga stretches help massage the abdomen and facilitate digestion and expulsion of air from the bowel.

Baby yoga also promotes respiration which encourages deeper breathing which helps the baby's gastrointestinal function.




Like with Baby Massage, Baby yoga plays an important role in  beginning, enhancing & continuing the bonding process between mother & baby. This is through eye contact, sound of the parents voice, the parents odor, touch and the release of Oxytocin and Prolactin.

Baby yoga also improves communication by helping parents understand and recognise their babies cues.  

A strong bond has been shown to help support the emotional and social development of the infant and child.



Baby yoga helps to encourage relaxation in both baby and parents. When you touch your baby during baby yoga your bodies produce Oxytocin which belongs to a group of 'feel good hormones'. 
These hormones help to lower the levels of stress in the body and therefore help to lower blood pressure and heart rate.

 Baby Yoga activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System  which promotes relaxation and reduces stress in both baby and parents.

I love this so much I just had to share