About us

My name is Leigh Williams, Mother and baby wellness practitioner and founder of The Little Wellness Company.

I trained in Baby Massage in 2017 and have taught over 300 mum's and babies so far. I am also qualified in story massage and baby yoga. My vision is to keep developing my knowledge and skill set to support parents further throughout their parenting journey.


I'm a mum to two wonderful little girls. Myla who is 3 years old and Remy who is one! Both of my pregnancies and the days, weeks and months following their arrivals have been a challenge for various reasons, some of which are the reason I trained in Baby Massage and why I believe so strongly in the need to support new mums/parents. 


Attending a group setting for the first time with your baby is something that causes a lot of anxiety for new mum's. It is the reason why classes are kept small and intimate. We want everyone to feel welcome, heard and supported while being in a loving and calm environment. My classes are safe place free of judgement to meet mums, make new friends and build up a vital support network. The courses are just as much for you as they are for your baby.

All of the courses and workshops provide you with a little love bubble to connect with your little one and make memories that last forever. Baby massage is not just about massaging your baby, it is about the connection, the 1:1 time, the eye contact and the huge rush of Oxytocin (also known as the love hormone) that both you and your baby receive when you massage. 

I wholeheartedly believe that a supportive network of other new mum's can be transformative in your experience of motherhood which is why we organise regular mama meet ups (Mama Tribe) and have a private members only Facebook group which is full of love and support.